Book of Ra Slots Is The Ultimate In Online Slot Games

The Book Of Ra Slots is an online slot game and features an explorer who travels from the United States to Egypt. The explorer is looking for the book of Ra in the pyramids. Everything about this casino game will intrigue the player. Ra Slots have special features, bonus rounds, along with a great design. You will get to know the payouts and coin values when you play.

Ra Slots is a unique game with all different play levels from up to 900 coins. This is one of the reasons the game is so good because you can play any amount, so you do not have to have a ton of money. It pays out if you hit 5 of any symbol. Aces pay out ten, Kings pay 150, Queens 100, and Jacks and Tens pay 100 coins each. The bonus scatters feature expands to gives the player even more free spins. The bonus scatter feature is random, so it could come up at any time. The wild symbols replace all others when it comes up. It makes your odds of winning so much better.

Not only is winning better, but the design is quite stunning. There is a beautiful sky and has purple, gold, and pink colors that make the game enticing. The bright colors on the black background highlight the symbols. They made the buttons look real and are located at the bottom of the game. It has nine pay lines and five reels. The game looks so real you will think you are actually at a casino.